Facial threading

Known to have originated over 6000 years ago from India, threading has and still is a popular beauty procedure amongst women. Many choose a peach fuzz-free face because of the added smoothness it gives your skin.

Popular amongst many beauty icons such as Kim Kardashian, it’s no wonder more women are taking to the procedure.So, if you’re looking forward to getting a smooth glowing skin and high sculpted eyebrows, look no further. This might just be what you need.

How to prepare for your session

If you’ve decided to have this treatment, we can help you prepare. Avoid any skin treatments, acids and exfoliants prior to the treatment. Exfoliants may agitate your skin and turn the procedure into a painful experience. You should also avoid using heavy creams right after treatment as your skin will be very sensitive then.

What to expect

Your facial therapist will explain the procedure in your consultation, so you know what to expect.

To start, your therapist will take a thin cotton thread and roll it over the areas needing treatment. This simple procedure will remove those unwanted hairs in only a couple of minutes. After this is completed, your therapist will proceed with a slight trimming. Trimming will make the hair look twice as neat. For the finished look, you will be given a mirror for a close inspection.

If you don’t like the finished look, respectfully voice out your opinions and ideas. Your therapist will take this into account and rectify the areas that you are unhappy with. Following the treatment, you should be given some aloe vera which will reduce the redness around the treated area. The redness usually disappears after an hour thereafter feel free to show off your new look.


By using this procedure to remove unwanted facial hair, you can expect wonderful results. For starters, you will be left with a softer complexion that makes the perfect canvas for makeup. The procedure is also minimally invasive. Unlike other hair removal methods such as laser treatment and waxing which can damage your skin, with threading you are guaranteed minimal pain.

Also, unlike tweezing, it achieves better shape and results because it’s able to pluck several hairs at once. Results usually last six weeks depending on the density and texture of your hair, therefore saving you time as there will be no need for plucking in between appointments. For more information, we invite you to a FREE consultation with our facial aesthetics specialist.


Eyebrow Threading (tidy up)£8
EyebrowThreading (reshape)£12
Upper Lip Threading£5
Full Face Threading£25
Beard alignment Threading£15
Henna Brows£45
Brow Lamination£45
Brow Tint£14
Lash Lift£45
Thread & Tint£20
Brow Lamination & Tint£50


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