Micropigmentation brows

Micropigmentation, also known as 'cosmetic tattooing', is a high-end cosmetic procedure that applies 'permanent makeup' such as eyeliner, eyebrow augmentation or the appearance of freckles. The technique is highly customisable, ensuring that the end result is perfectly tailored to each client's specific needs.

This innovative technique is very effective in creating the illusion of fuller brows and creating a defined shape. A tidy and exquisitely shaped brow can make such a difference to someone's appearance. Micropigmentation brows are particularly effective in those who already have a good brow shape but need the middle portion of the brow to be filled in to improve definition. Micropigmentation means no longer having to fill the brow in with expensive eyebrow gels, powders or pencils every day!

What you can expect

A consultation will establish the perfect shape and size of brow to complement the face. A specially trained technician will then digitally operate a state-of-the-art micropigmentation machine. This involves sterilised needles to deposit pigment into the middle layer of skin (the dermis), using tiny hairlike strokes.

Some patients find the procedure a bit painful, while others don’t feel any pain. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid this procedure.

Aftercare is important to promote healing and minimise scabbing and scarring. The brows will need moisturising daily and need to be kept dry and make-up-free. Brows should be fully healed after a couple of weeks.

Micropigmentation vs microblading

Micropigmentation involves a digitally-operated machine to apply pigment to the eyebrow area and can vary the size of the needle and depth of the skin.

Microblading involves the application of tiny tattoos administered by hand using the same sized needle throughout. Furthermore, microblading is considered 'semi-permanent' and will fade after a couple of years whereas micropigmentation lasts for much longer.

Consider your options

As the size of the needle and specific depth of penetration can be adjusted with a micropigmentation machine, there are a variety of different brow effects that can be achieved.

For those who want strongly defined bold and beautiful brows with no variation in the intensity of the pigment, the 'full powdered brows' technique will be used. This is the most intense and highly pigmented option resulting in solid brows that will last for longer than most other brow techniques (usually for 5-10 years).

For those who prefer a gradient of intensity throughout the brow, with a paler region near the nose that darkens towards middle and intensifies at the tapered end, the 'ombre brow' technique will be applied.

For the most natural looking brows, the 'hairstroke' technique is the best choice. The pigmentation pattern reflects the natural hair growth pattern and suits those who prefer the change from their natural brows to not be too dramatic.

The 'combo brows' technique blends the shading and dimensions of the ombre brow with the delicate and subtle detail of the hairstroke application providing a brow that is both natural yet highly polished.

Micropigmentation brows are the perfect solution for those who want cosmetically improved defined brows that will last for several years. If you’re ready for beautiful brows, speak with our Aesthetix expert to learn more.


Microblading (Inc top up)£299£199£100
Ombre Brows (inc top)£325£225£100
Combination Brows (inc top up)£355£255£100
Lip Blush£300£200£100
Eyeliner (Lah Line)£200£150£50
Enhanced Eyelinr£250£150
Scalp Micropigmentation (small area)From £500
Scalp Micropigmentation (full head)From £1500
Scalp Micropigmentation (top up)From £350
Scalp Micropigmentation (patch test)£60


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