Micropigmentation: the perfect eyeliner

Beauty and beauty treatments continue to evolve as new products, procedures and even new technology becomes available. Now there are even more choices when it comes to makeup and in particular, eyeliner.

Eyeliner can be very difficult to apply. Anyone who has poor eyesight or even the slightest hand tremor or disability may struggle to apply eyeliner neatly where required. A professional finish is very difficult to achieve using a mirror. The perfect application of eyeliner requires an extremely steady hand and lots of experience.

Fortunately, there are some permanent makeup options available for eyes, lips and eyebrows. Permanent makeup, called micropigmentation, can give you beautiful eyeliner.

How does permanent eyeliner work?

Permanent eyeliner creates the appearance of carefully applied eyeliner but uses iron oxide to permanently tattoo colour to the skin. The eyeliner is tattooed where you would normally apply your eyeliner. This procedure is known as micropigmentation for eyeliner

Permanent makeup is available and now accessible to everyone. It is particularly useful for people who have difficulty applying makeup through personal injury or illness. People who have Parkinson's disease or who have lost the use of an arm through stroke, for example, may find permanent makeup very useful. People who have allergies to makeup may also be interested in a permanent solution.

Is it really permanent?

Like any tattoo, permanent eyeliner cannot be washed off and tattoo removal is a painful, expensive process. Often it cannot be completely removed. However, as skin cells are constantly renewing themselves, tattoos and permanent makeup do fade over time.

As micropigmentation eyeliner is permanent, try to keep the shape and style of the eyeliner in mind and opt for a more conservative style because fashion and makeup styles change over time

What are the risks involved?

You can minimise the risks by finding a professional and experienced practitioner who is trained in micropigmentation for eyeliner. They should be using sterilised equipment, high quality ink and be happy to supply you with their credentials, a portfolio of their work, a tour of the premises and provide a consultation.

Make sure they use medical-grade sterilization and high-quality ink. Also, look for someone who gives natural results, and ask about their follow-up care policy.

During the consultation you should be made aware of some of the risks. These can include allergy or reaction to the ink, bleeding or swelling to the eyelid and loss of eye lashes. In some cases, scarring and injury to the eyelid can occur. There is evidence to suggest that tattoos can also interfere with MRI scanning processes.

Micropigmentation for eyeliner can be an effective and suitable permanent makeup solution for some people. However, the decision to have the procedure should not be taken lightly. It is really important to find a qualified practitioner and have a thorough consultation to talk about the risks and permanence of this treatment.

If you would like to know more about permanent makeup, speak with our Aesthetix experts. You can have beautifully permanent eyeliner very soon.


Microblading (Inc top up)£299£199£100
Ombre Brows (inc top)£325£225£100
Combination Brows (inc top up)£355£255£100
Lip Blush£300£200£100
Eyeliner (Lah Line)£200£150£50
Enhanced Eyelinr£250£150
Scalp Micropigmentation (small area)From £500
Scalp Micropigmentation (full head)From £1500
Scalp Micropigmentation (top up)From £350
Scalp Micropigmentation (patch test)£60


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