The new solution for the look of a fuller head of hair

When hair begins to thin, whether due to age or other external factors, it can be quite embarrassing. There has been a stigma since the beginning of time surrounding balding and hair loss that has continued affecting the confidence of young men and women across the globe.

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore, because thanks to modern technology, we can now use scalp micropigmentation (SMP) to restore our hairline.

Unlike microblading, this procedure uses an electric tattoo device to create the illusion of fuller hair on the scalp. If you want guaranteed results that look natural while still relieving the frustrating effects of hair loss, then scalp micropigmentation is for you.


The goal of SMP is to apply highly specialized pigments on the scalp using different needle sizes, penetration depths, angles and intensity to mimic the natural appearance of hair. This procedure uses the idea of pointillism which is perfect when looking for a sense of depth and definition.

What to expect?

Treatment is normally completed after 2-3 sessions. Like getting a tattoo, you can expect scalp micropigmentation to be an intricate procedure. So, you’ll first begin by consulting a professional SMP artist.

During this meeting, your practitioner will guide you through some general guidelines and help you decide which style suits you best. After creating a plan of action, your first treatment will begin followed by your second treatment which is usually done to add more detail. Sometimes a third session might take place but is usually done by the request of the client.

Your SMP practitioner will apply a numbing agent to your scalp before the procedure but you will still experience some discomfort.

What are the benefits?

Whether dealing with crown balding or a receding hairline, SMP will efficiently camouflage your area of concern, leaving you with a strong, cropped and attractive hairline. One of the key advantages of SMP is that both women and men can fully benefit from it. It can also give the look of a full head of hair while simulating a full-front, side and rear hairline.

People experiencing hair loss due to alopecia can also greatly benefit from this procedure. SMP has also been found to hide scars and burns while boosting the visual effect of a hair transplant.

Last but not least, SMP is suited to all skin types and races. This innovative technology will perfectly match your follicle colour to give you a seamless hairline.

Is smp for everyone?

As much as SMP produces excellent results in everyone, people with scalp acne or other skin conditions such as psoriasis should avoid receiving the treatment during a breakout as this can make pigment application painful and a little bit difficult.

What about post-treatment aftercare?

Make sure to shower before each treatment as you’re not allowed to wash your scalp for four days after each session. You should also minimize sun exposure and heavy exercise for the first four days. Your SMP practitioner will further advise you more on what you can or cannot do in the weeks between and after treatment. Remember, that just like most medical procedures, there will be risks involved with SMP so make sure you find a reliable practitioner that will guide you through the entire process.

For more information, we invite you to a FREE consultation with our facial aesthetics specialist.


Microblading (Inc top up)£299£199£100
Ombre Brows (inc top)£325£225£100
Combination Brows (inc top up)£355£255£100
Lip Blush£300£200£100
Eyeliner (Lah Line)£200£150£50
Enhanced Eyelinr£250£150
Scalp Micropigmentation (small area)From £500
Scalp Micropigmentation (full head)From £1500
Scalp Micropigmentation (top up)From £350
Scalp Micropigmentation (patch test)£60


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