Microblading involves the use of a needle and ink to draw tiny tattooed strokes over the eyebrow area to create the appearance of fuller and more shapely eyebrows.

This semi-permanent cosmetic procedure means waking up with perfect brows every day! It is suitable for brows that are sparse due to over-plucking or scarring, or are uneven, straggly.

This cosmetic treatment can create neat, symmetrical natural-looking brows to perfectly complement every face shape. As everyone knows, the eyebrows frame the face and can dramatically affect someone's appearance.

Having semi-permanent brows will also save time every day, as they will no longer need drawing on with makeup. They can be particularly meaningful for those who have lost their eyebrows due to conditions such as alopecia, psoriasis or cancer.

What to expect

The first step towards beautiful brows is a consultation with the technician to discuss the desired brow shape, colour and fullness and any medical conditions that may be a contraindication to the technique as they could affect healing. Options range from natural hair colour-matched brows to darker and more striking defined brows.

The procedure takes between 30-40 minutes depending on the size of the desired finished brow. The brow area will be disinfected and treated with a numbing agent. The technician will use a handheld sterilised tattooing device to manually create tiny little lines over the brows that resemble natural hairs.

Some people find the procedure painful; others are merely aware of the sensation. On very rare occasions an allergic reaction can occur so most technicians apply a patch test in advance of the procedure to be on the safe side.

Aftercare for beautiful brows

After the procedure is complete, the brows will need moisturising every day while they heal (mild scabbing may occur). The application of sunscreen (or avoiding the sun) is recommended, as this prevents them fading when exposed to the sun's UV rays.

Certain products should be avoided for about a month after the procedure, such as skin care products containing retinol as this vitamin can also cause ink to fade more quickly than it would naturally. In fact, experts also recommend avoiding using retinol products on the face for up to a week before the procedure.

Also, do not use any makeup near/on the brow area for a week and avoid getting the brows wet for two weeks.

Once the skin has completely healed, skincare and makeup routines can be restored and the brows can be wet without being affected. It is important to follow the recommended aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of infection. A follow-up appointment will typically occur 4-6 weeks afterwards in case any minor tweaks are required.

Love your brows!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique; the results should last at least one year and often last for as long as three years. Factors such as skin type, lifestyle and the ink used for the procedure affect how long the results last. For example, ink has a tendency to fade more quickly on those with an oily skin type.

If you’re interested in brow microblading, speak with our Aesthetix clinicians to learn more. Very soon, you have beautiful brows!




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