Tripollar Radiofrequency Technology

What is Radiofrequency Technology ?

Radiofrequency Technology devices have a hand-piece with electrodes which emits electromagnetic radiation which causes deep tissue heating much like a microwave does. The Tripollar machine has a small hand-piece for use on the face, and a larger hand-piece for use on the body. The device  emits radio-waves which dissipate into the superficial dermal tissues. As the waves are absorbed by the tissues heat is created. This heat causes several tissue changes to occur :

  • The heat causes dilation of deep vessels which encourages tissue healing
  • The radio-waves causes  alignment of dermal collagen fibrils which results in  skin tightening
  • The heat also causes lipolysis and breakdown of fat cells. As such, it is possible to undertake targeted fat reduction

What is this technology used for ?

  1. Skin tightening – reverse the signs of stretched aged skin, and stretched skin after pregnancy
  2. Targetted fat reduction to reduce body fat, such as after pregnancy, and as part of a weight loss programme
  3. Reduce cellulite by the lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells) effect of radio-frequency waves