Radiofrequency technology: fat reduction treatments

Radiofrequency technology is one of the latest developments in fat reduction. Until very recently, liposuction was one of the most common treatments to achieve fat reduction in stubborn areas. But as technology evolved, safer and non-invasive options appeared.

Radiofrequency is one of those options. This treatment is sometimes called Tripollar, which is a state-of-the-art radiofrequency device featuring third-generation technology.

This innovative treatment is a great alternative to surgical procedures and is worth considering if you’re looking for a safe body contouring procedure.

Moreover, you can use it along other fat-reducing treatments, such as CoolSculpting or fat-freezing.

How does radiofrequency work?

A radiofrequency treatment involves having a wand-shaped device rolled over the skin. The device releases radiofrequency waves or energy, which heats up the cells under the skin. When radiofrequency waves reach deeper skin layers, collagen in skin cells contracts or shrinks. This helps give the skin a tighter and more uniform appearance, pretty much immediately.

Unlike other fat reduction devices that use older technology, radiofrequency has been designed to target both the superficial and deep layers of the skin. This ensures optimal results that simply weren’t possible with first and second-generation technology.

Reasons to consider radiofrequency fat reduction

  • This treatment targets fat cells lodged deep into the skin, and it’s effective treating stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. Radiofrequency waves make fat cells shrink, and the results include an even skin texture. Therefore, this treatment can help reduce cellulite and lose inches.
  • Radiofrequency doesn’t only target fat. This technology can boost collagen and elastin production, and stimulate cell renewal activity under the skin over a long period of time. This means that the treatment doesn’t end with each session, and you can expect to see ongoing improvement.
  • The treatment has many applications. Some of the most common include targeting skin irregularities, improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and reducing the lumps and bumps that are so characteristic of cellulite.
  • Radiofrequency can be used to treat different parts of the body, from the abdomen to the face and including arms and thighs.
  • The treatment itself is pain free. All you’ll notice is a warming effect as the device is rolled over your skin.
  • Radiofrequency treatments have immediate effect, which is one of the reasons why demand for this procedure keeps growing.
  • Few sessions are needed (usually four to six). Results are long lasting, and can be maintained for up to three years. After that, you may choose to have top up sessions.

What’s more, and unlike surgical or invasive fat reduction treatments, radiofrequency has no downtime. In the vast majority of cases, you can return to work and resume normal activities straight away. You may notice a slight redness or minimal swelling on the area treated, but this should go away on its own.

If you’re looking for a safe long-term skin regeneration treatment and aren’t a candidate for fat-freezing or surgical procedures, radiofrequency may be just right for you.

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