DesoBody & DesoFace

Do you suffer from localised fat build up under the chin, under the arms, or over your torso and sides. No matter how much your exercise, it is sometimes difficult to remove some of these stubborn fat deposits, known as "localised adiposity". Problem areas such as "love handles", "bra rolls", "muffin tops" around the belly, and "saddle bags" on the outer thighs.

As part of our various body-contouring packages, our team provides fat dissolving injections , known as DesoBody of DesoFace. These are injections containing Deoxcholic Acid (DCA), a chemical that causes cells to break down and dissolve (localised lipolysis"

DesoBody and DesoFace can be used in conjunction with other fat management strategies, such as Radiofrequency and Fat freezing to manage overral body shape.

How does DesoBody & DesoFace work?

Deoxycholic Acid is injected through a single injection point in the target tissue, and using a 'fanning' technique a thread of liquid is left in areas of stubborn fat build up. The product causes lysis (destruction) of swollen fat cells. The fat cell membranes breakdown, and the fat content is liquefied and then is converted to triglycerides. This is picked up by the lymphatic system of the body and excreted.

Within 24 hours you will see redness of the target tissue as the DCA dissolves the fat cells, which are never to return.

Reasons to consider DesoBody and DesoFace

  • Permanent reduction in fat cells of target tissue
  • Removed stubborn localised fat build up without complicated and extensive surgery
  • Minimal down time, and no need to have time off work
  • No significant discomfort or pain
  • No surgical wounds or need for overnight stay such as in an in-patient hospital procedure
  • Use targeted fat dissolving injections as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Multiple applications including double chin, abdomen, love handle, under arm, outer thigh, inner thigh

Targeted lipolytic injections, such as Desobody and DesoFace has no downtime. Usually, you can return to work and resume normal activities straight away. Having said that, we do recommend resting after such a procedure and so it is better to perform the procedure after work. You may notice a generalised redness of the target tissue or minimal swelling/discoloration on the area treated, but this will heal and go away on its own.

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Single session of face (10 ml DesoFace)£250
Single session of body (10 ml DesoBody)£250


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